A Teenage Love Story

“Julliette! Get up school starts in twenty minutes!” “Mom, for the last time-I ‘m taking my time!” “Boys! You get up too!” “Whatever” Yea. That’s our regular day at the Paulson resident. Actually, there’s two! Mom & Dad got a divorce two years ago. Lovely. West Haven, Connecticut was my hometown. Now I live in small town, West Bend, Iowa. Ahh the memories!


Lori: hey! you’re the new kid, right?
Me: Yea, why?
Kellie: We’ve heard SOOO much about you!
Lori: where are you from?
Me: Hartford.
Kellie: OMG! Isn’t that like, all the way in Connecticut?
Me: Yep! 5 states away from home…Do you think I’ll fit in?
Kellie: if you try! So anyways I-
Lori: Hey! Hey! You’ve got to meet Taylor& Nick!
Kellie: Julliette, meet Nick and Taylor!

Nick: Hi Julliette!

Taylor: Hi Julliette…is it alright if I just call you Jullie?

Me: *thinking* Taylor is really cute!

Me: sure!


Kellie: oh my god! The bell already!? Oh well! Lets all meet at the park right after school! Everyone be there-its important! Is it a plan?

Lori: Yea it is!

Me: Sweet sure!

Taylor: yea!

Nick: Sure

*flashback ends.*

We’re in the senior class and we’re all going to the same collage! Weird, huh? We’ve been planning on doing that since the seventh grade. The collage is Farman University. I’m working on being a professional cupcake& cake designer. Kellies working on being a scientist, Nick & Taylor are working together for being collage professors, and Lori is working on being a nurse. Next year,Life will be good!


Me: Hey Lori! What’s up?
Lori: Nothing much, you?
Me: Nothing really. Umm, tonights my B-day & I’m having a slumber party…want to come?
Me: Sure! Who’s all comin’?
Lori: Well its an girls only party so here’s who’ll be there!
The only one you know that will be there is Kellie. The others are Laney, Jamie, Rose, Jessie, Hannah & Anna (Twins!)
Me: Oh I know Rose! But, She’s the popular one, huh? But she’s still my friend!
Lori: Great! I’ll see you @ 8:00!

*@ Class*

Mrs. Landon: Hello class! I will be your homeroom teacher for this school year. Come get a book at my desk for this class. Its not usual but I’m also your math teacher.
Me: Hey Kellie?
Kellie: Yea?
Me: Well, tonight for the slumber party I was gonna bring some stuff…
Kellie: Well, what kind of stuff??
Me: Uh, its just a bottle.. and some boys!!
Kellie: NO!! What are you thinking!? Lori will be soo ma- well, actually, lets ask!
*After School*
Kellie: LORI! We have a question!
Lori: What is it?
Me: Well, we were wondering, if we could bring boys to the slumber party!
Lori: Are you CRAZ-
Kellie: She’s bringing a bottle!
Lori: Still no guys. I would but my mom doesn’t let boys sleep over. It’s a rule.
Me: Okay! Text my later I gtg home!
Lori: Kay byeez!
Kelllie: Cya!

So at my house my twin little brothers are ruining the living room! that’s what they do on a daily basis though. They’re names are James & Michal. They’re both ten. Ten year olds in fourth grade are pains in the butt.

I watch ten year olds enough at my cousins house, I don’t need to deal with two more!

Me: Guys I’ll be in my room getting ready! So whatever you do tonight, don’t reck the house, and most importantly remember to take the dog out!

James & Michal: We’ll try!

Me: *grons*


Me: Hey Lori. Codey Just broke up w/ me….

Lori: I’m so sorry…


Lori: OMG! Who!?

Me: Taylor!

Lori: WHAT!? You cant just date a best friend! that’s like stealing a boyfriend from someone!

Me: oh. I guess we can tell him lol!

Lori: hahaha lol! Well are you comin or not? Its 7:45!

Me: Yea I’ll b there soon! Ttyl!

Lori: Ttylz!

Me: Omg! What’s moving under my blanket?

Chewy: *barks twice*

Me: Oh its just youChewy! You scared me little guy! Now run off to the boys! Go boy.

Me: Okay clothes, Makeup, Sleeping bag, Purse, Cell phone!! Ready to spend the night at Lori’s!

Me: Bye boys! Bye Chewy!

Michal & James: Bye!

Chewy: *Barks!*

*Loris house, 7:55 PM*

*rings doorbell*

Lori: Hey Jullie! Come in!

Me: Wow. Nice house! Are you rich? haha
Lori: Oh not the slightest bit! This home was cheap!lol
Me: Wow.
Lori: Everyone, this is Jullie!
Laney: Hi!! Nice to meet you Jullie!
Jamie: Hey. How goes it?
Rose: Hey Jullie! Does everyone call you that now? Hannah: Omg hi! I love your curly blond hair!
Anna: Hi! Me too!
Me: Good, yes, thanks!
Lori: Oh nobodys met my mom. Her name is Penelope, But just call her penny!

Rose: Cool! Now lets go have fun & play truth or dare!
Everyone else: Sure! Yea! Lets go!

We went upstairs to a beautiful room of-my fave colors-blue & pink! And she says she’s not rich?

Me: Nice room, Lor!
Lori: Thanks! My mom designed it!
Laney: Alright I ‘ll go first. Jamie, Truth Or Dare?
Jamie: Uhh, truth!
Laney: Is it true you love Nick Johnson?
Jamie: EWWW! Lmao no!
Lori: Okay, Jullie, Truth or dare?
Me: Dare!
Lori: I dare you to kiss Jamie on the lips!
All girls: * Laugh*
Jamie: Why is everything on ME!?
Lori: omg haha just do it!
*me & Lori kiss*
Anna: Omg! They actually did it! Sick!
Lori: Okay girls! Make over time!
Hannah: Oh yay!
Rose: Cool!
Lori: Jullie, what’s wrong?
Me: Nothin’ I’m just tierd is all. Maybe tomorrow!
Lori: Alright, Suit yourself!

*in bed*

Me: * Thinking* Uggh! I have this feeling.. Like I… liked the kiss.. No no no! Maybe I’m just tired! That’s probably it! No it can’t be! I can’t get rid of this feeling! I have a boyfriend for gods sake! *gets out of bed*

Me: Hey guys I’m back!
Jessie: Oh you just missed makeovers!
Laney: Yea sorry!
Me: It’s okay. Oh geez its 1:00 in the morning!
Hannah & Anna: Weren’t we supposed to be in bed?
Lori: Yep.
Penny: *opens door* I’m serious I don’t need to treat you like kids now but go to sleep and not a peep out of any one of you.
Everyone: Okay!

*All girls in bed*

Laney: Goodnight!
Jamie: Gnight!
Jessie: Goodnight!
Rose: Night!
Hannah & Anna: Night Night!
Me: Night!

*In the morning*

Lori: Everybody wake up!!
Jessie: Hi..
Hannah: *Yawn* Hi everyone.
Anna: Hey guys!
Rose: Hello everyone!
Jamie: Hello!
Me: Hey Guys!
Lori: Kay! Are we gonna just sit here like lazy peeps or are we gonna get dressed?
Jamie: I think we should be lazy!
Rose: ERRT! Wrong awnswer! *throws pillow at her* cmon everyone get up!

*Everyones up*

Anna: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Hannah: Of course I am I’m your twin!
Anna & Hannah: Cute outfit day!
Me: I have to go!
Everyone: Bye!
Me: Bye!

*Taylor’s House*

Me: Hi babe!
Taylor: Hi hon!


Me: Lori doesn’t want us to date!
Taylor: Don’t listen to her! I love you!
Me: I love you too. But I’m worried about her.
Taylor: Why?
Me: Because she hasn’t had a bf in forever.
Taylor: I know. Wanna spend the night?
Me: Yea lemme get my stuff.
Taylor: you should really tell your mom.
Me: No I was supposed to stay at Lori’s tonight but I can skip.
Taylor: I see! I love you.
Me: I love you too!


Me: Hey we should watch some movies!
Taylor: Yea!
Me: I was kinda thinking we could watch the house bunny &-
Tammy: Julliette Faith! Get home NOW!
Me: Babe! Text me!
Taylor: Jullie! *gron*

*Upstairs Bathroom*

Me: AHHH! MOM!!!
Tammy: Baby what is it!?
Me: I’m pregnant!
Tammy: Your WHAT!?
Me: yea. You heard me.
Tammy: Your darn right I heard you! Missy your in deep trouble! I didn’t have my first kid till I was 21! That’s 3 more years!
Me: Mom I’m-
Tammy-Don’t say your sorry! Cause’ that don’t cut it this time! You should’ve been more careful! There’s no undoing it! No abortions! Now go tell Taylor! Now!

*Taylor’s house again*

Me:*rings doorbell* hope he’s home!
Taylor: Hey babe!
Me: Um I have something to tell you.
Taylor: What is it?
Me: Well, its just that, we have to get married.
Taylor: Why? Not yet we’ve been dating for 2 weeks!
Me: But, I’m sorry to say but-you got my pregnant.
Taylor: WHAT!? Well, then its perfect! I love you!
Me: I love you too!

*6 months later, @ the church*

Priest: Do you, Taylor, take Julliette to be your wife?
Taylor: I do!
Priest: do you, Julliette, take Taylor to be you husband?
Me: I do!
Priest: You may kiss the bride!


Tammy: Congrats darlin’!
Me: Thanks mom!

*everyone else says congrats*
*@ The reception!*

Me: Lets cut the cake babe! I’m starving!
Taylor: Kay!
Me: I’m so glad this cakes choc-
Taylor: Wh-what is it babe?
Tammy: Call an ambulance!
*lots of people tell her to calm down till the ambulance gets here*
*@ the hospital*
Tammy & Taylor: Push honey! Push Babe! Come on you can do it!
Me: *In very much pain* ERRRHH!!!!!
Doctor: it’s a Girl!
Me: I’ll name her Annabelle Rose.
Codey: Hi Jullie.
Me: Didn’t expect to see you here, huh?
Codey: Wait-is that thing mine!?
Taylor: You better leave her alone or else I-
Me: No, codey. Annabelle is mine & Taylor’s. cmon lets go home.

*@ home*

Me: oh geez! Its scary here without Taylor…

Me: What was that!?
Codey: cya jullie!
Me: Huh? Why are YOU here??
*codey lights match and puts on floor. Runs.*
Annabelle: WAAAHH! WAHHHH!
Me: ANNABELLE!! *goes into flames to get to babys room

Me: ANNA!!
Annabelle: WAAHHH WAAHH!!!
Me:*coff coff I….can’t find a way out! Wait a second! Anna! The escape door is in your room sweetie! *cofff coff. Lets go!
Annabelle: Lets GO!

*both go out escape door, quick!

~The next day. 8:47 AM~

Me: *Wakes up.* Your so beautiful Annabelle Rose.
Taylor: Hi babe-why exactly are you outside?
Me: Shhh she’s sleeping! And lets look inside the building, shall we?
*all go inside building*
Taylor: Oh my god! No way this is a dream!
Me: Nope. And our little girl almost died! She’s only 2 days old!
Taylor: What happened?
Me: Codey found our house and broke in. He lit a match, threw it on the floor, and ran. Trying to separate me, you, & Annabelle will never work, will it Ann?

Annabelle: Lets GO!
Taylor: Jullie-
Me: I know- her first words.

*Five Months Later*

Me: Come here Anna! We’re going to Nanna Kellie’s house!
Annabelle: Lets Go Mommy!
Me: Aww! So cute!

We considered Kellie & Lori were her nanas since they were there for her birth. Annabelle loves to see them! Now I know what child birth feels like. Its very, VERY painful!

*@ Kellie’s house*

Me: *Rings doorbell
Kellie: Hi Jullie! How’s Anna doin!
Me: She’s perfect! I love her beautiful blue eyes & brunette hair. My hair, and sadly, Codey’s eyes & hair color.
Kellie: Oh. Well how is Taylor.
Me: Why? Wouldn’t you know?
Annabelle: Mommy!
Kellie: Aww! Cute!
Me: That’s what I said!
Kellie: Anyways Lori broke our group up & she’s not going to collage.
Anna: *Chews on nail
Me: No! Annabelle Rose that’s naughty! *takes nail* ANYWAYS what? You have to be kidding right!?
Kellie: Nope.
Me: *Pauses* BRB! Hold on to Anna and watch her for ten minutes!

Me: *Rings Lori’s doorbell
Lori: Oh, hello to you!
Me: Huh? What’s up?
Lori: You’re up! I TOLD you not to marry or even date Taylor!
Me: Well obiously its not your choice! I had to marry him because he-
Lori:Wanted you to-
Me: NO! I had my baby. You know it.
Lori: Oh. You could’ve told me…
Me: Sorry Lori. But we can’t talk anymore.
Lori: But Jullie I-
Me: No. No more. Maybe I’ll text. Goodbye Lori… *hugs lori
Lori: *Crying* Bye Julliette.
*Julliette runs to Kellies house, crying.

Lori: What did she say?
Me:Nothing. Come here Annabelle we’re going to see daddy. Bye Lori!
Lori: Bye!

*At home, One year later*

Me: Hi Taylor!
Taylor: Hi babe!
Me: Guess what day it is??
Taylor: Your 19th Birthday!
Me: Yea!
Taylor:And now that Annas one, she’s got all her beautiful brown hair!
Me: Yea I know!
Taylor: What else will she need to know?
Me: When she’s older, lets tell her our Teenage Love Story.

We looked out back, sang happy birthday, and watched the sun set beneath the water.

Overbearing Mother in Law

How is it that before the phone calls were never ending? Babysitters were nonexistent, or if they were the guilt game had to be played. Baby mamas weren’t around to take kids, only to cause drama. One on One time was scarce but now it’s endless. No more guilt trips are played, no more calling ambulances, and the kids are only sick when he is here and not there. It is funny how things change. It is also funny how some people don’t care what is best for another as long as they have what they want (which is him to be there and not here.) How is it grandma didn’t want anything to do with the kids when they are with me but as soon as I’m gone you jump right in to take my place? When before it was to much for you, you weren’t able to watch them all so we could go to a movie or dinner. What game is this one now? I’ll do everything for you now so you will stay. Please don’t take my roll of mommy away. How sickening I hope I am never that needy.

Was I that bad of a person? Were you scared I was taking your place? I could never do that. All I wanted was just a little, he has plenty but your endless guilt games sucked him dry. You didn’t even care if you left any for the other kids just as long as there wasn’t enough for me. And you knew he would use the rest on the other kids before me anyway (which is expected).He is only one person, one person can only give so much. So I am not asking for anything from him anymore so he will have more to give to YOU. I love him so much I am willing to set him free, free from the bonds you put him in as soon as he left your side. The bonds that were constantly weighing him down, pulling him down and tugging him down. Only to have him as miserable as you are. Maybe now you will give him his freedom. Maybe you will now love him enough to let him be happy. But I only think that will happen as long as the only female he ever loves is you. Well You won you won. I give up, I give him back to you I can’t stand to see him suffer anymore. And with me he was suffering because the only time you will give him peace is when he is with you!

Do you have an overbearing Mother-in-law?
If you do I will give you some pointers of how to handle the situation. After writing this (which I never gave to her) my fiance and I got back together so I decided if we are going to be together I will have to change my attitude toward his mother. She will always be in his life that’s a fact and it’s also a fact that she will not change so instead of trying to get her to change I changed instead. I stopped letting it bother me that she called so much, I asked myself why did it bother me so bad for her to call? I learned that I have been being selfish. I don’t need to dominate his time. I have to make it OK to be with me just me and not have to have someone else to fulfill my needs that I am able to do that myself. I noticed that the more I released my aggression to her and stopped trying to fight her and her ways the more she stopped trying to dominate him. We are only able to change ourselves it is when we try to change others that we become stuck or frustrated. My fiance and I are getting along better now too. There is peace in our relationship that wasn’t there before. So just remember if you want things to change around you the first thing you have to change is yourself.

Love and Light,

An Asthma Story – From ER Frequent Flier to Letterman in Track – Naturally

Asthma, which is a chronic disease that affects your airways (the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs), can be a very scary ailment both for the asthma sufferer and for the people who love him or her. More than 14 million people in the United States have this lung disease. Of these, almost 5 million are children.

Being a parent of a child with asthma, I’ve learned a great deal about this disease. And, being a practitioner in the natural health care field, I’ve found several methods which have worked beautifully with my daughter.

Kaitlyn’s Story

Kaitlyn, who is now nearly 18, was on the “Frequent Flyer Program” at our local hospital from the age of 8 to 14. The Frequent Flyer Program meant I could tote her in at any time of day or night and go straight back to the doc and nurses for immediate care – no check in, no forms, no wait. This is due to the fact that when Kait was in what is called an “Acute Asthma Phase” with her cough-variant asthma, we would typically be in ER 2-4 times a week, sometimes arriving there by ambulance.

It was terrifying, to say the least. After one emergency room visit when she was 14 during which I was actually shooed out of the room (this had never happened before) due to the fact that her oxygen saturation was below 75, I faced down her doctor and threw a ‘mommy tantrum.’ “How can we prevent this? This is ludicrous! There has to be SOMETHING we can do to figure out this is coming and head it off! Something to prevent it!!”

According to the doc, there was – a new round of drugs which were ‘fresh on the market’ at that time – Singulair and Advair. These, combined with a peak-flow meter (which measures the openness of the airways by how much force the lungs use to push air out) got us our first handle on Kait’s disease. Visits to ER lessened, but didn’t stop. Still, lessening was a good thing.

The total exasperation and helplessness I felt whenever I watched my daughter struggle to breathe, was more than enough reason to send me on a search for natural ways to help her. And, I found them. Please don’t misunderstand me here. I never ‘threw the baby out with the bath water’ and gave up on Allopathic Medicine. I never told her doctor to ‘go to hades’. And I always took her to a medical professional whenever it was warranted. I implemented these natural therapies *along side* what the doctor ordered.

Here’s what we did (and remember, this started at age 14, along with the Advair and Singulair):

Whenever her peak flow meter dipped below 350 (this was her ‘line’ based on weeks of recording peak-flow numbers which indicated that an asthma phase or attack was nearing), or at the first sign of a runny or stuffy nose:

1) We began twice daily of foot reflexology treatments of the reflex points corresponding to the lungs and respiratory systems, as well as the lymphatic system (for immunity since many times her asthma phases were triggered by something as simple as a common cold). You can find reflexology hand and foot charts at http://www.remedies4.com/

2) We used a blend of the oils of Ravensara, Eucalyptus, Pine, Myrtle, Cypress and Peppermint during the reflexology treatments – putting the blend directly on the pressure points I was massaging, and having her inhale the aroma of the blend (3 deep breaths, held as long as possible) with my hands cupped over her nose following every treatment.

3) She drank an herbal tea 3 times a day which contained the herbs Eucalyptus, Licorice, & Peppermint. We used this blend until I found Traditional Medicinal’s blend of “BreatheEasy” – which is very solid herbally and worked even better than my own blend. I can’t recommend this one highly enough!

4) We invested in a product called BioVent (you can find more info about this product on my blog) and used that according to directions. This isn’t the first product I’ve bought and tried from them – I’ve also used their ADHD remedy for my son (which worked wonderfully!). They’re a solid company with unconditional guarantees, and all of their remedies are FDA registered. So, needless to say, I highly recommend them.

5) When she was not symptomatic, and her peak-flow numbers were in the acceptable range, we maintained the combination of reflexology/aromatherapy treatments on a 3 times weekly schedule and continued the herbal/homeopathic combo medicine of BioVent. It actually got to the point that we could tell when she was starting to dip towards an asthmatic attack or phase by the tenderness of her foot lung reflex points.

“Mom! I earned my letter in track, can I get a Letterman’s jacket? Please?”

As I said earlier, Kait is now nearly 18. This young lady, who was told as a 10-year-old that she would ‘never play sports or be able to play like other children’ due to Asthma, has now lettered in Track for the last three years and has been attack and symptom free for nearly 3 years.

In her sophomore year, during her physical for track, her doctor asked the usual questions but then decided that before he signed off on the fact that she was healthy enough for track that he wanted to run some pulmonary tests. So, over to the hospital we went for a full pulmonary work-up.

Two days later he called me to let me know her physical form was signed and ready to be picked up. When I asked what the tests showed, he said “I would love to know what you did. She tested out as having stronger lungs than 80% of HEALTHY kids her age and a lung capacity in the top 10%. Her tests show she is still asthmatic, but her lung strength and capacity are nearly perfect. She’s a healthy girl.”

I just smiled and said a quick prayer of thanks.